We’re Here To Make Your Business Easier

EXCON understands the importance of exhibitions and showcasing your brands product to the world.
A team of highly skilled craftsmen are key to Smart Designs ethos of build quality and attention to detail. With production facilities here in Abu Dhabi, Smart Design are well placed to service last minute orders and eliminate transport headaches.

Trade Show Strategy

A trade show is a make-or-break event for the business.
With EXCON we can a make the most of it by carefully preparing for the day by planning all aspects of your business’s presence at the event.
It’s a long process, but once we get it right, you’ll be able to outshine the competition and make vital sales that will help your business thrive.

Create Platform Display

We design and create the most beautiful exhibits that give more power and visibility to your brand.
Customized Stand, Wooden Upgrade Or Shell scheme.

On-Site Support

We’ll do the preparation and heavy lifting so that you’ll have more energy to engage with attendees.
EXCON works to ensure clients’ exhibit needs are met at national and international venues . Submitting and tracking all orders for on-site services, including shipping, drayage, exhibit installation and dismantle, electrical, internet, floral, cleaning, audio visual, carpet and furniture rental.

Post-Trade Show Support

A post-trade show report is an essential piece of the trade show life cycle.
We’ll provide you to make the most out of your trade show experience by analyzing the finer details and creating a post-show report included the Financial reporting, the Show evaluation and the Evaluation of exhibit effectiveness and more..
We’ll use all this information to help you plan your marketing strategy for the next event.